Founded in 1969, CEMBRE SpA is one of the leading manufacturers of cable lugs, connectors and associated (mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic) processing tools. In Italy, CEMBRE SpA enjoys a leading market position, which it is expanding rigorously. The Italian company is also constantly increasing its market share in the rest of Europe and America. The company now has five European subsidiaries, one American subsidiary and countless country representatives all over the world. It has been listed on the stock exchange since 1997 and currently has a workforce of almost 500 employees worldwide.


Cembre SpA has also consistently and with great perseverance pushed forward the developments in the field of tools for railway requirements and continues to do so today. The development of the Italian company's system for electrical connections to railway rails, which revolutionised the railway market in the substructure sector at the time of its introduction, has earned it international recognition.


Cembre SpA

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