Momento AB

When Momento started in 1951, the objective was clear - the production of power sockets. This has not changed until today. Momento is the only company in the world that exclusively produces power sockets and accessories. The site is in Flen, Sweden, as it was almost 70 years ago. This is where Momento is at home - this is where Momento's specialists live and work.


The entire production process still takes place under one roof, this includes sawing the steel bars, hardening and surface treatment. Momento controls the entire manufacturing process starting with the design and strength calculation and ending in the heat treatment, and the hexagonal and square Core Drive Profile increases the stability of Momento power sockets. Correctly inserted Momento sockets and accessories do not break.


Momento has set itself the task of closing the gap between screwdriver and screw connection. Power sockets are the important link between the screwdriver and the screw connection, which Momento manufactures in its factory in Flen. The power sockets can be used for both impulse screwdrivers and impact screwdrivers.

Heat treatment began 25 years ago as an internal department of our own production. Today Momento Heat has developed into an own business unit offering all common heat treatments of large and small series. Momento's heat treatment ensures complete quality control at each stage of the process and the modern equipment ensures that the products obtain the desired properties. Momentos expertise in this field can be found today in a wide variety of industries. Momento produces more than 25% of the entire European production of power sockets and has Europe's largest warehouse.


Momento AS
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