Tohnichi Manufacturing was founded in 1949. During this period, when the concept of quality control had not yet established itself in the manufacturing industry in Japan, Tohnichi focused on the importance of screw tightening checking and developed the country's first torque wrench. Torque checking is of paramount importance in quality control in many industries, particularly in the automotive industry, and Tohnichi has become the leader in torque products over the next 65 years. Building on the strong support of its customers, Tohnichi enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as a manufacturer of first-class torque products.


Safety is essential for a practical affluent society based on modern technologies. Our aim is to promote the safety of society through quality improvement achieved through adequate screw tightening checking. Based on its proprietary torque technology and a 65-year success story, Tohnichi offers high-quality torque products and technical services to help create a fearless society and increase the reliability of your products and businesses as a comprehensive torque technology partner.


Just one single mistightened screw can cause untold damage. And damage like that happens all too often.  Tohnichi Manufacturing's mission is to prevent accidents and misfortunes by increasing safety as part of a reliable system. The torque products help to tighten screws correctly, increase product quality and improve safety.


Tohnichi offers a wide range of torque tools. The high-quality products are manufactured in the plants in Omori Tokyo, Kofu Yamanashi and Tsukuba Ibaraki.


Tohnichi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2-2-12 Omori-kita
Tokyo 143-0016 

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