Schoch AG

The OTTO SCHOCH AG company was founded in 1964 by Otto Schoch. From the very beginning, the company focused on the sale of cable shoes, wire-end ferrules and cable connectors as well as the special tools required for their processing. There later followed supplementary in-house developments. Since the early 1960s, the product range for the electrical wholesale trade, the demands of industry and switch cabinet construction has been constantly expanded in close collaboration with CEMBRE. Today, for example, cable glands und cable protection products have become industry standard – as has our own cable-labelling system with a wide product range for industrial labelling. Particularly deserving of mention in this regard is the Markingenius®MG3 mobile labelling system, which can be used for the labelling of cables, clamps, pushbuttons and switching elements alike.


At the end of the 1990s, OTTO SCHOCH AG expanded its range of products to include specialised tools for the railway industry. In addition to connecting devices for overhead lines and signal technology, this also includes machines such as rail drilling machines, rail cutting equipment as well as impact wrenches for performing track work.


In 2012, OTTO SCHOCH AG took over the general agency of GLW products for the Swiss market. At GLW, professional cable processing takes centre stage – ranging from wire-end ferrules, via cable assembly machines through to special tools designed for crimping special contacts.


In 2014, our product range was expanded to include the areas of torque tools and power sockets. The company has set as its goal to supply industry with quality mechanical and electronic tools – and recently including for the tightening of bolts and nuts with precisely defined torques. Torque products are to be found in practically all sectors of industry, including the watch industry, medical technology, steel construction, the railway sector, mechanical engineering as well as in a large number of power stations. As the general importer for TOHNICHI (Japan), MOMENTO (Sweden) and other international tool manufacturers, OTTO SCHOCH AG has established an enduring and cooperative relationship with the Swiss market. TOHNICHI torque testers have been successfully used by prestigious SCS calibration services for many years.


In 2016, the area of professional screwdriving technology was rounded off by taking over the general agency of ITH, the world’s leading system supplier in the field of screwdriving technology. ITH products are a guarantee for maximum safety in all bolted and threaded connections.


OTTO SCHOCH AG is an extremely flexible SME with highly competent employees who possess long-standing experience in the areas of electrical connection, screwdriving and railway technology. Together with its customers, the team develops system-compatible solutions for a wide range of special applications within a reasonable period. Special customer-specific tool manufacture, single-unit products and small-batch series are also an integral part of our customer-oriented standard.


OTTO SCHOCH AG is justly famous as a reliable partner that provides logistics solutions tailored to customer requests, including “just-in-time deliveries based on framework contracts and demand forecasts and the maintenance of minimum inventory levels.



Quality is our basis for your trust. We are an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company.


Our guiding principle

Innovation, quality and reliability for satisfied customers!